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ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Company

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About Us

About Us

Our Vision

We strive to exceed quality and security standards while providing solutions for end-to-end revenue cycle management, coding solutions, data entry services, accounts receivable management as well as payer and MCO that will positively influence the business of our clients.

Our Mission

To provide extraordinary business process outsourcing that drives operational effectiveness for healthcare organizations throughout the U.S.

Our Team

Our team has over 14 years of experience in outsourced healthcare technology; working with global organizations in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and the United States. With familiarity with the latest trends in both healthcare and technology, we are uniquely positioned to provide business process optimization and consulting solutions for our clients.

Our senior management team has experience in private equity, healthcare, engineering, business management and technology and they all share a laser focus on execution excellence. They have shepherded multiple healthcare technology projects such as billing solutions from inception to successful deployment.

Data Security and Confidentiality

We regularly audit and identify all risk areas and our Six Sigma quality team has developed processes that assure the strictest confidentiality of all client data. Inclusive of HIPAA compliance, all of our vendors, visitors, employees and partners sign non-disclosure agreements. All of our internal programs operate on a need based access basis meaning that only the associates who must see it in order to perform their daily tasks see our client’s secure information. We provide ongoing training for staff and contractors on potential risk areas and require strict confidentiality of our associates at all times.


At our corporate headquarters in Chennai, India, we offer the tightest physical and digital security procedures.

Physical Control Data

  • Facility controls such as restricted work areas that require employees to have a photo ID as well as an access card with role-based authentication.

  • Surveillance cameras on site to monitor employee behavior and movement.

  • 24-hour manned security desk to prohibit unauthorized entry into production areas.

  • Restriction of USB ports to peripherals only removable storage devices are not accessible through USB ports.

  • Workstations do not contain optical or floppy drives.

  • Personal electronic devices are not allowed on site without authorization and proper security.

Digital Security

  • State-of- the-art Sonic Wall firewall, with dedicated VPN.

  • Compliance with HIPAA standards, including high level encryption to ensure confidentiality of any transmitted data.

  • The strongest antivirus software is deployed on all desktops and servers, and audited regularly.

  • Only a few employees have email access to external servers; most email is internal to the organization only.

  • Internet access is severely limited, and logged by the Network Team.