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Accounts Receivable Management

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Accounts Receivable Management

Collections are a big part of your business, especially with the influx of newly insured participants who are entering the system as part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Revenue cycle operations are also being pressured due to the greater adoption of high-deductible plans, which are making it more difficult to collect patient payments. It is critical to your operations that you have access to a large group of qualified and trained resources who can process payments in a timely manner, and correctly provide bank-to-book reconciliation.

Our Accounts Receivable analysts are experts at denials processing, claims follow-up, secondary claims submissions, appeals and even at cleaning up aged A/R accounts. Denials are processed in batches on a daily basis by our stellar team of billing personnel. Drop the number of days your accounts stay in A/R substantially by utilizing our claims follow-up team to aggressively follow up with both insurance companies and self-pay patients to clear non-payment issues and improve collections ratios.

Novigo has a dedicated and fierce focus on process improvement as a means to drive enhanced profitability and cash flow for our customers. We are constantly scanning our processes for places where we can make changes to exceed industry best practices. Audits assist in the process of reconciliation of duplicate or unidentified payments, and individuals as well as insurance companies are contacted in an effort to reduce or eliminate payment redundancies.

Appropriate technology drives everything we do – and Accounts Receivable Management reaps the full benefit of the process improvement in which we invest – meaning you get access to the latest reports, tools and processes that will help you evaluate your business’s performance, including our predictive revenue and collection metrics which can have a significant positive impact on your organization’s cash flow.

We do not just provide you with reports. Instead, we give you actionable metrics that suggest ways to improve workflows and resolve issues that are expanding your A/R period and reducing collections so you can focus on finding big wins. Our combination of business intelligence and analytics means you will receive the tools you need to solve real business problems. Our automated and efficient workflow tools give our customers an extremely thorough and detailed view reporting all claims that are working during a specific time period.

  • Denials Processing

  • Claims follow-up

  • Secondary Claims submission

  • Appeals

  • Old AR Clean-up