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Why work with Novigo?

Recent changes in the healthcare industry introduced by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mean that overhead charges in your healthcare business can rob you of the profitability that you need to continue in business. You may be seeing margins get slimmer, and be feeling the pressure to either reduce the services that your patients have come to expect and deserve, or to lay off staff to keep costs under control. None of these options are ones that will help your business grow they will merely help you stay alive in a difficult financial environment. Novigo can help by offering a trusted and reliable source for ongoing work that will free up your staff to add value to the lives of your patients and stakeholders.

Our total focus on customer satisfaction is what makes a partnership with Novigo so rewarding. Not only are you working with a world class team, but you have access to individuals who truly care about your success and the success of your organization and who are empowered to ensure that your projects are consistent and accurate every time. Our data-driven approach to services comes from our commitment to standardize processes and foster a culture of continuous improvement. We maintain full compliance with all industry standard certifications, and meet or exceed customer needs at every step of the project.

The decision to outsource any of your core competencies can be a difficult one, but with Novigo, you can rest assured that our highly trained staff and quality experts will be with you from Day One, ensuring that you get the information and assistance that you need to make a smooth transition to our processing functions. We live and breathe business process management (BPM), and will use that knowledge to address issues on a global scale in a way that can benefit all of our clients.

We have a culture of compliance that we reinforce through the means of ongoing education on information security procedures, accountability standards, risk assessment, and process improvements. Our high availability platform assures that your data storage and backups are always secure.

We offer a multitude of services to support your healthcare initiatives:

  • Revenue Cycle Management

  • Coding Solutions

  • Data Entry Services

  • Accounts Receivable Management

  • Provider Credentialing and Contracting

  • Payer / MCO Solutions

  • Provider Data Management

  • Claims Management

  • Authorization Management

  • Member Data Management

  • Benefits

  • Compliances

For many years, our partners have trusted us to provide them with the very highest quality of services at the most reasonable prices. This has allowed us to work with the best healthcare organizations in the country. Novigo is committed to offering services that are consistent, effective and which will add value back to your organization by removing some of the ongoing tasks that can be difficult to schedule around your current flow of work.

Take back control of your unwieldy receivables and stop spending your staff’s time on verifications, member data management, precertifications and more. Instead, put this time back into the lives of your patients, and you will see your business grow incrementally.

If you are ready to see how we can benefit your organization as you seek to achieve significant reductions in costs, an excellent end customer experience, and improved performance outcomes, contact Novigo to get started today!