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Data Entry Services

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Data Entry Services

Billions of transactions are created every year in the healthcare industry, and with a large percentage of these still on paper that means there are massive opportunities for error. While digital data is more accessible and faster to process, there are still times where bad data infiltrates your systems. While high-touch processes such as claim submission, eligibility and benefit verification, claim status inquiries, prior authorization and remittance advice transactions could save millions by moving to a digital workflow, paper will not disappear anytime soon.

With the overwhelming volume of transactions, your teams can fall behind – meaning delays in billing and revenue recognition as well as data entry errors as under-qualified teams attempt to scale up. Fortunately, Novigo understands your needs, and offers comprehensive data entry solutions that will develop superior collections rates by improving overall efficiency and reducing costs. With our guaranteed turnaround times, improved first-pass rates, and accuracy levels nearing 98%, you are freed up to focus on keeping your patients healthy and growing your business.

Our focus on continuing education for our billing and coding professionals as well as our technology investments means you can leverage global best practices to support your business – no matter your size. Get real-time insight and visibility into your production status, auditing and exception management as well as an intuitive storehouse for images that allows you to easily retrieve just what you need, when you need it.

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  • Data Validation

Insurance and eligibility verification is more critical than ever with the growth of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Patient responsibility, when not defined upfront prior to the visit, can result in rampant growth in receivables – creating problems downstream as far reaching as decreased patient satisfaction, nonpayment, increased errors, reworks, and delayed payments. Many retail healthcare end-customers would be willing and able to pay between $200 and $500 in additional funds at the time of their visit if they were provided with an estimate at the time of care, according to a 2009 McKinsey Quarterly survey. We have the staff, technology, management expertise and understanding to deliver cost-effective patient insurance eligibility and high-quality related services on time, every time.

When you are validating your benefits and eligibility data, you will have the option to utilize payer web sites, interactive voice response systems, phone calls and more to contact patients to get updated insurance information before it becomes problematic. You can also provide end-customers with eligibility and benefit information such as Group and Member ID, start and end dates for coverage and information about co-pays as well as offering pre-authorization numbers.