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ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Company

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) What type of security procedures do you offer?

Our physical security is incredibly tight. We have a fully manned guard station and main desk, where visitors must sign in before they access the premises. All employees are given name badges with their picture on the front, and specific floors of the building. Inside the office, all portable storage devices have been disabled, such as USB drives and CD drives. Internet access is strictly controlled, and all external digital access is via a controlled VPN access point. We take the security of our clients’ records very seriously at Novigo.

2) What are some of the benefits of outsourcing healthcare business operations?

The key benefits to your organization include improved cash flow, faster turnaround times for data processing (generally 24-48 hours), consistent and reliable followup on claims and accounts receivable, and a dedicated team that is able to support your business in a way that can be quickly scaled up or down depending on demand. Hiring new staff and getting them trained takes time, and if your business hits a slump you might feel pressured to lay off direct office staff members, or if your business all of a sudden starts to grow you can really feel the pinch. When you use professional outsourced labor, these problems are easily solved!

3) Do I need to worry about quality?

In your office, it’s unlikely that you have the staff available to do a full quality assurance process on each patient record and file. However, our processes have been created with the quality control as a part of every record, so we are able to deliver a more consistent and comprehensive patient file, billing, and coding result every time.

4) Can I be sure that my patients will be cared for after they leave my office?

Yes! Our Customer Service teams have been fully trained on patient needs, and that information will be combined with your specific requests as we speak with your patients. Rest assured that patients will receive the highest quality of care even after they have left your office.

5) Will you be able to integrate with my current technology and systems?

Absolutely! We work with many distinct healthcare administration platforms now, and are comfortable integrating our operations with yours however you would like to see that happen.

6) Will the coding of my patient charts be accurate?

Our medical coders are trained and receive ongoing training in various coding methodologies. Not only are they highly trained, but also every chart goes through a quality control process before it is submitted to the insurance companies to ensure that it is paid in a timely fashion and is paid fully. No more losing 30% or more of your revenue due to poor coding on charts! Our processes virtually assure that your charges will be approved as quickly as possible.

7) Will I lose all control of my business if I outsource?

No, you will still be in full control. You might even have a better insight into your business operations as we provide extensive reporting and executive dashboards that will give you an up-to-the-minute overview of your business, receivables, and cash flow projections. What this means is that you will have all of the information that you need to help run your business instead of your business running you into the ground with details that need to be resolved.