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When you are ready to make big changes to the health of your healthcare organization, and returning to the roots of what made you decide to go into patient wellness, please contact us.

If you are looking for a leader who can offer the full spectrum of solutions for healthcare across all different types of providers, look no further! We have been the trusted source of end-to-end healthcare services that offer tremendous benefits and value to our clients. When you distill the services that we offer, we essentially allow healthcare providers to go back to their roots and do what they feel passionate about, while passing off all of the overhead and administration to our smart and talented teams at Novigo. This has resulted in a high level of satisfaction among our clients, and provided untold financial benefits at the same time.

Our focus is continually upon client satisfaction. Our teams are focused and structured, and ready and willing to help make your customer experience the very best it can possibly be through leveraging our long-term knowledge of the industry with best practices and exceptionally well-trained medical coding and billing professionals. To date, our teams have surpassed all goals for client and employee satisfaction as well as financial results.

Our medical coders are all a part of our coding center of excellence, and are proficient in various standards such as ICD, CPT, DRG codes and HCPCS Level II across dozens of specialties, all of whom code in accordance with and in compliance of NCCI (National Correct Coding Initiatives) and LCD (Local Coverage Decision) as laid out across the U.S. and nuanced for different states. Our trainers are certified, and the comprehensive program that our coders must complete also includes a continuing education portion to assure that most of your claims are processed and approved by Payers. Compliance and quality are monitored on a continual basis through corporate programs and we maintain a better than 95% accuracy rating. Our quick turnaround times are sure to fit within your timelines, and you can be assured that we are following the latest coding policies and procedures to create accurate and insightful coding and reports.

The management teams at Novigo fully understand the healthcare management process and revenue cycle, and pulled together team members with a highly detailed eye for process as well as cutting edge technology that allows us to deliver cost-effective and efficient services around the globe.

We are firm believers in operational excellence, and it is embedded in every corner of our organization from the time of transitioning a process from your site, through go-live, to a steady process state. Our regular quality audits, feedback loops, compliance and process improvements allow us to share details with our clients as part of our ongoing Operational Excellence methodology.

Our core focus on customer satisfaction, loyalty and continuous improvements allow us to differentiate from other businesses in our segment because Novigo is able to provide the highest levels of profitable engagement for our customers. Not everything we do requires a full-blown process approach, but when something does need that methodology, we are well versed in implementation and improvements. We strive to maintain a simpler lean process, where we optimize small pieces of the puzzle along the way, but we are always open to extending engagements should a client need that assistance. Openly sharing best practices with our clients is a good habit that we bring to each opportunity as a way to achieve quick gains.

Our various process improvement teams work closely with key stakeholders both within and outside the organization to take on a variety of projects including revenue maximization, cost reduction, and improvements to critical metrics such as performance, productivity, meeting agreed-upon service levels, people and seat utilization. These processes are studied in minute detail, revised and then scaled so they can benefit all client partners. Metrics are revisited on an as-needed basis to ensure they are still capturing both the spirit and the need of the project, and when repeat errors are noticed, they are immediately flagged for follow up by a process management professional. These smaller, recurring issues can create significant problems for an organization if they are repeated multiple times per day on an ongoing basis and over a period of many months or years.

Customers are the most important people that we work with, so our process improvement teams are continuously working with customers to ensure that items are moving as smoothly as possible. If there are statistical analysis tools needed, such as reporting that identifies the key metrics in particular transactions, than those are identified and tracked along with the operational business process owners to ensure that the most effective plan is enacted within a short period of time. Once implemented, plans are regularly monitored to ensure that improvements are stable and performance is consistent.

When a customer organization needs specific and dynamic reporting, we help understand the business needs and where improvement can be had and define reports that will work around those metrics with scorecards and dashboards. Scorecards are a way to measure current performance against goals, and dashboards help measure overall operational performance in a way that leaves the results open to improvement and ongoing discussion. Both options are very powerful, and Novigo excels at delivering KPIs (Key Performance Indicators, or metrics) that are specialized enough to detail results yet broad enough to be meaningful to executive performance measurement. Our deep understanding of the various healthcare business models allows us to work closely with our customers to slice data and present results. This understanding of the business environment overall serves us well as we build technology and platform-agnostics solutions for your business.

Payer Solutions can help practices enable better clinical decision making, manage risks, enhance member care, and drive more effective market access. Our analytics experts and data scientists enable next-generation healthcare management teams to be patient-centered, and actionable – driving insights into cost containment opportunities and serving to identify areas of potential claim overpayment. Our outsourcing solutions start as simply as basic data management and can range as complex as analytical consulting services that address proactive risk management, and support smarter decision making with ongoing market intelligence and operational efficiencies.

When you are not able to walk down the hallway and visit your records or data entry department, you may feel some concern about the security of your all-important patient records and information. We feel the same way, and have taken significant steps to ensure that security is maintained at all times. All of our employees carry a designed photo ID when they are on the premises, and they signed an NDA (confidentiality) agreement when they were hired. Our offices are controlled with the latest in data security measures, and access to the data areas of the building are only provided to those who are authorized to be there. Access to emails, printers, and the Internet is restricted very tightly, and CD-ROMs, USB ports and floppy drives are disabled throughout the floor where important customer data is stored. Data storage devices are not allowed on the floor at all.

Our employees are regularly trained on HIPAA procedures, and file transfers are only permitted by a limited number of employees through a highly secure FTP portal. We offer security staff on campus 24/7, and any and all visitors must be registered at the main entrance and then escorted at all times that they are on campus. Closed-circuit television cameras round out our physical security measures.

Aside from the physical security procedures that are highly visible throughout the campus, we are serious about making our technology tools secure as well. Our ISP is rotated between three different providers to ensure redundancy, and each employee is provided with a unique ID, and all keystrokes are logged on each workstation. Data transfers and access receive a 128-bit SSL encryption and we have extensive and tough firewalls in place at all times. Our technology teams are available 24/7 to ensure continuity of access to data, and we regularly run anti-virus updates on all systems to ensure they are clean of malware and viruses. Based on your process requirements, back-ups are completed on a regular basis.

Get the insight that you need in order to negotiate accurate and fair rates with various providers to enhance productivity, and allow your office team to engage more directly with members than ever before. Learn which care settings provide the best return and how you can reduce utilization costs in a wholesale manner.

Contact us today to learn more about how Novigo can help your business become more efficient and effective in terms of back end processes.

Some of the key benefits of a solid reporting system include:

  • Reduction of clinical and financial risk

  • Support of population risk management

  • Serves as a way to accelerate cash collection

  • Improve financial performance

  • Increase administrative efficiency

  • Reduce the risk of readmission

  • Gain improved control over accounts receivable

  • Improve Payer performance