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Member Data Management

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Member Data Management

Managing your back-office processes can be a unique challenge, but our services allow you the flexibility that you need to have in a constantly changing environment. Grow your member retention and satisfaction with an efficiently managed back-office, which is critical to ensuring clean claims and an accurate and quick reimbursement. Data entry teams work hard and smart to ensure that demographic information is entered accurately and in a timely fashion and that charges from a coded visit are accurate and entered correctly into the software.

Payments from insurance companies are quickly and efficiently applied back to charges in the system, and we have Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology that allows an organization to quickly scan a document to populate data fields within various systems. These scanned entries are then confirmed by secondary teams, but the process overall is much more rapid than direct data entry.

Our experienced customer service teams offer efficient administration of member account management and registration services including the processing of applications, collection and updating of outdated information and overall member data management. Our highly trained associates will ensure that a patient’s questions are answered quickly and efficiently, while taking the time to make updates such as the status of any outstanding claims, provider related information and member benefits.

We can also provide you with world-class Customer Service support for your office or medical group, with calling services that allow you to focus on daily interactions with your patients instead of answering billing and insurance questions. With direct access to your client information, we are well-equipped to handle patient inquiries such as re-activation, updating information to current standards, confirmations, and other inbound calling needs.

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Novigo can also provide support for a range of activities such as inbound calls from hospitals, providers or members with inquiries on claims status, referral, authorizations and payment information as well as PCP changes and complaint resolution. We work within the defined service level agreements to ensure that performance metrics and customer service needs are met consistently. Our custom workflow was designed to address our client’s needs and those of their end-customers and patients with a laser focus on providing flexible, cost-effective, complete and high performance solutions.